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Los Molinos Beach, Fuerteventura.

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The beaches of the west coast of Fuerteventura  are characterized by significant waves throughout the year, so that the bath be done carefully.
The small town of Los Molinos is located on the west coast, and is a summer area for the inhabitants of the island, where their simple homes.
The beach in winter consists of rounded stones due to the waves of the sea, and in summer when the sea is less force, the beach is covered with thick sandy-brown color.

To reach this beach, we must digress for FV207 Road, 2 miles Tefía, to the west coast, taking the road well indicated FV221. Following this road and about 10 kilometers and bordering a small valley formed by a river, we reached the village. Then we see the “Casa PON” House Restaurant, a good deal, good price and excellent views, and then there is the beach and a small group of simple houses.
In the South Beach area, a number of caves that can be visited (at low tide. Be careful not to be isolated with the tide), very beautiful, contrasting with the black of the lava that form the coast

My Opinion:

The beach, like some west coast beaches are not spectacular, but you can visit to know or take a walk. But be sure to eat at Restaurant Place House with stunning sea views. Good price and easy and tasty meal.


Enlarge map  
Data. Near to the beach (Approximate Distances)

Lenght Width: 200 x 40m. .

Parking: 100 meters from the beach


28º 32´33,16¨ N - 14º 03´47,41¨ O

Sand: Black, coarse and stones.

Diving: No. Be carefull with the sea streams.

Nudism: No.


Restaurant CASA PON.



Caleta de Fuste, km.

Costa Calma,  km.

Airport:  km.

To visit:

Betancuria km.

Pájara  km.

Beaches around:

Costa Calma, km.

La Pared, km.

Jandia km.











Los Molinos Beach - Summer.




Los Molinos Beach - Winter.


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