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Salt Museum.

Museo de la Sal. Fuerteventura. Museos en Fuerteventura.

The Salt Museum, located at the entrance of the small fishing village of Las Salinas del Carmen (within 2 km. of Caleta de Fuste) is an example of the educational role of the Network of Museums Fuerteventura. It occupies the old Salinas de Antigua, opened in1910, and acquired in the late 70's by the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, to publicize the importance of this element.

The Museum is divided into two parts: an interior in a modern building where an audiovisual presentation about the importance of salt in humanity, the salt of the Canaries and the operation of a salt. This exhibition is very clear visual panels plus videos about obtaining salt. The second area of ​​the museum, outside, is a fully operational saline.

After seeing the exhibition, you can tour the saline site where you will see how to make salt in a salt factory, making the visit becomes a unique and highly educational experience, from recruitment of sea water the "saltaderos", until obtaining the salt by evaporating the "cookers". This visit is conducted with experts outside of the museum guides that explain in detail the production of salt from ocean water.
The museum is complete with a cozy bar and a shop where, in addition to purchase local museum souvenirs (T-shirts, keyrings, hats), is a "must" buy a packet of salt obtained in these magnificent facilities.






 recommend visiting this museum, one of
the best on the island and highly educational and entertaining.




The Salt Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, at a time of 10.00 to 18.00

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Salt Museum

Salinas de Antigua, s/n

35610 Antigua - Fuerteventura.

Phone: 928 174 926

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