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Corralejo Dunes Natural Park


Dunas en Corralejo. Parque Natural de Corralejo.

Corralejo Natural Park is an area of ​​unique characteristics, which has a field of sand (dunes) and geomorphological unit representative and of great scientific interest, also forms a landscape of exceptional values ​​in good condition.
These dunes have an organic origin because they come from the disintegration and spray and bivalve shells and other marine organisms with rigid external skeleton. Under the dunes are the typical "badlands", this accumulation of volcanic rocks of very sharp edges and edges that are completely hidden by several meters thick with fine white sand.
It has an area of 2,600 ha, all covered with fine white sand into dunes, and borders the north east coast of Fuerteventura, which are long beaches with turquoise water.





Dunas en Corralejo. Parque Natural de Corralejo.It is very easy to access this Natural Park as the road linking the port of Rosario to Corralejo, crosses (PV-1). On this road you can park your car and observe in situ the big dunes of this area, plus some of the best beaches on the island.
By accessing this Natural Park from Puerto del Rosario, the FV-1, we leave to the right the sea, where we find a series of beautiful beaches of white sand and turquoise water (see Section Beaches of the Web), and left is a large expanse of sand dunes formed by organic nature and favored by the desert climate that dominates the island.






Playas de Corralejo

Some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura
are found in the Natural Park of Corralejo.








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