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Sand Vulcan (Volcan de la Arena) in Villaverde


Volcán de la Arena, Fuerteventura. Malpaís de la Arena. Monumento Natural de Fuerteventura.Between La Oliva, Lajares and Villaverde, we find one of the Protected Areas of Fuerteventura's most spectacular: the Natural Monument of Malpais de la Arena (Volcan de la Arena). It is a volcanic area formed by a magnificent volcano, and of the arround has formed a sea of lava (Malpais), which has created a special ecosystem of flora and fauna characteristic.
There are nearly 900 acres of badlands, which surrounds the emitting source of this landscape: the Volcano Arena, 420 meters high.
With two craters together, this volcano is visible from all over the north of Fuerteventura, and from its top, we can have a breathtaking view of Lanzarote, Lobos Island, Corralejo and the Dunes, Lajares, El Cotillo, Esmeralda, Villaverde or La Oliva.
You can climb to the top, if we take a dirt road that goes to the volcano from the olive, and coming to a goat farm, we started the ascent


Volcán de la Arena, Fuerteventura. Malpaís de la Arena. Monumento Natural de Fuerteventura.Features: The whole volcano and lavas of the Arena are defined geomorphological unit of scientific, geological, geomorphological and aesthetic value character ID element of the landscape. Its flora contains important resources, with good populations of rare Caralluma burchardii protected by regional standards. The slopes of the crater lavas andless populated by vegetation are an excellent example of farm habitat, invertebrate species characteristics. It is also common to see rabbits and all kinds of lizards.


Statement: This space was established by Law 12/1987 of 19 June, Statement Canary Island Natural Areas and Natural Area of ​​Interest Malpais National Great and reclassified by Law 12/1994 of December 19, Space natural Canary Islands as a natural monument.


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