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Vigan Knifes


Cuchillos de Vigán, Fuerteventura.

The Natural Monument of knives Vigan is one of the protected natural areas of Fuerteventura least known, because their access is not easy, as there is well pavedroads.
(For this reason, and for me, this area does not have much appeal, so I know more and better).
Features: knives represent geomorphological features of great beauty and unique ness. They are also an important refuge stronghold where the vulture, the osprey and the Barbary falcon, three of the most threatened raptors in the Canaries. Among highli ghtsendemic flora of great scientific value and distribution reduced. Also home to enclaves of marine fossil fauna of great scientific interest.




Statement: This space is part of what was stated by Law 12/1987 of June 19,Declaration of Canary Island Natural Areas Natural Park Well Black and reclassified by Law 12/1994 of 19 December, Canary Island Natural Areas as a natural monument.
Other protective equipment: this space has been declared a Special Protection Area for birds (SPAs) as laid down in Directive 79/409/EEC on the Conservation of Wild Birds.This space is by definition ecologically sensitive area, for the purposes stated in Law 11/1990 of 13 July, Ecological Impact Prevention.










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