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About 7 km. from the town of Pajara and on the west coast, we find the small fishing village of Ajuy, located in Puerto de la Peña.
There are several attractions here: the restaurants, the beach and the Caves of Ajuy, you can visit, and the greatest of all is that is the most important geological interest in the Canary Islands, where you can see the oldest rocks of all the islands.
But more typical is the visit of the caves, an area from where ships loaded and unloaded with goods coming in and out of the island.
You can reach the caves by a qualified road that begins in the north of the beach, and after a short walk you come to 2 caves giant, connected between them.
Be careful when accessing the caves, especially if the soil is wet it and hang on the railing on the stairs.


In this way we can also see an old lime kiln, fossil dunes and a viewpoint that hangs over the sea to over 20 meters high.
In the village there are 4 or 5 interesting restaurants specializing in fish and some of them are spectacular views of the beach.
With regard to the geology of this area, his interest is that it is one of the only places in the Canary Islands where the deeper rocks and islands are the remains of ancient magma chambers from which the lava expelled formed the islands. We can also see remnants of ancient dunes, beaches and deposits of streams and rivers that were in the island for millions of years.

















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