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Biosphere Reserve


Playa de Cofete. Fuerteventura.

In 1970 UNESCO launched the project "Man and Biosphere", which aimed to reconcile the mind and the use of natural resources outlining the current concept of sustainable development. As part of this project are selected geographical areas representative of different habitats on the planet, covering both terrestrial and marine ecosystems and are known as Biosphere Reserves.
The Biosphere Reserve aims to improve the quality of life of those living on the island, preserving their cultural heritage, its rich landscape and natural values.



Cultural values, ethnological, natural, marine, landscape and geology, and the commitment of the island of Fuerteventura with renewable energy, water management, or a responsible fishing, Fuerteventura and have made much of its seas , creditors of the title of Biosphere Reserve, a real appreciation for the work of its people for sustainable development.
The peculiarity of its geological features and extensive natural heritage, emerging from the dryness and the presence of a rich and diverse marine environment, give a strong personality Fuerteventura island. This translates into a cultural heritage rich in customs and traditions, which reflect its buildings, land use, livestock and fisheries.
Its proximity to Africa defines one of its characteristic
features, its extreme climate, which is determined as desert and semidesert. This is specified in an insular environment is well preserved, thanks largely to natural-climatic conditions and morphological, that large areas have remained intact against the pressure of man. The west coast of the island remains a virtually unspoiled nature along a hundred miles of coastline.
Fuerteventura is also the oldest island of the Canaries, and it can be observed in situ the events that led to the formation of the archipelago, to the point of being one of the best observatories paleontological Macaronesia.
All these features make Fuerteventura a unique area within the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, a statement that does not involve the application of new legal concepts or restrictions. However, they require the support of key institutions and social organizations, political and scientific, which must work together to realize the plan of action designed. The implication of all is needed in implementing the objectives of the MAB program and the maintenance of this title that distinguishes the island as a unique, supportive and committed to responsible development.


Zoning Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve

All Biosphere Reserve must have appropriate zoning as a management system in 3 main areas, which mainly differ in the level of conservation is sought in each of them and therefore in the nature of the activities being allowed to develop.


* Core Area: Conservation and protection of natural resources, which allow research and monitoring, and all use that does not involve impairment of the environment or promote their conservation

* Buffer Area: Engaging the core zone or next to her, encourage sustainable development strategies in social, economic, educational and informative, including tourism and recreational enjoyment. It can develop pilot activities in order to improve the production of natural resources, such as vegetation, crops, fisheries, wildlife, etc.

* Transition Area: Wider area of the reserve, where the degree of human intervention is greater. Although this is the most flexible, all activities performed therein according to sustainability criteria. Residents, through administrations, associations and private sector are invited to collaborate in the management and sustainable development in the area for the benefit of its inhabitants.




The declaration of the Biosphere Reserve of the Fuerteventura is no more pre-existing restrictions, since their zoning is designed according to the distribution of other forms of protection previously designated land and sea under the Canary Network of Protected Natural Areas or Natura 2000, among others

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